We Submariners consider ourselves a special breed, rarely understood by mortals and never understood by mere skimmers.Fellow Submariners of all nations understand this and we have the utmost respect for each other, experiencing first hand the hardship and danger faced while achieving our membership intoto that elite of brotherhoods … ‘Submariner’.

Like most countries maintaining a Submarine Service, Canada has an Association to which Submariners may join to keep contact with old shipmates, enjoy the occasional social event and commemorate our Departed Shipmates.

Our membership criteria is  simple ~ any person who ‘Qualified in Submarines’, according to the requirements of the Navy in which they served, may join our Association.

The purposes of our Association are:

*to foster an opportunity for persons who share a unique background as Submariners to meet in fellowship;

*to foster and build on that friendship, goodwill and esprit de corps which members experienced during their Naval service;

*to provide such support and assistance to other Submariners, whether members or not and as is considered necessary or requested, commensurate with the resources of the Association;

*to liaise with kindred organizations, both nationally and internationally.

To inquire as to Membership:

Printable copy of our Application Form:

Per Annum Dues: $20 for Regular and Associate Members

You may also email your application to us below.

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