UPDATED NOTICE: The hotel special rate for Gathering attendees of $139 per night is ONLY APPLICABLE until October 2nd.

Based at the fabulous Hotel Grand Pacific, located on Victoria’s inner harbour (seen here with oversized flags at each end) the theme of this Gathering is the West Coast toast to the 50th anniversaries (1968-2018) of the commissioning of HMCS Okanagan and HMCS Rainbow. But well beyond just being a reunion of the crews of those two boats, it is a reason for submariners to get together and share creative recollections of when, as Billy Joel said in Piano Man, we all wore a younger man’s clothes.

It will begin Friday afternoon, November 2nd, with registration and WHAT

Saturday involves a tour of the Dockyard including HMCS Chicoutimi and the submarine support facility where we hope to host up spirits with proportional measures for those whose capacities have diminished over time (i.e. a full tot, a half tot or a ‘sippers’ portion, and even an ‘essence’ delivered by a couple of drops on the tongue via an eye dropper. As the tour of the Chicoutimi will in- volve some climbing we highly recommend no dresses or kilts.

For women who choose not to attend the tour there will be a luncheon where their own creative recollections can be shared.

Saturday evening will be the banquet where memories will form an integral part of the evening.

Sunday morning will be a breakfast farewells and promises to meet again next time, followed by a church service for those wishing to attend.

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